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Trials & Tribulations of Getting Off the Pill

February 9, 2015
February 9, 2015

Around New Years the conversations about health and leading a healthier lifestyle became more frequent with Jeff, my partner. We both live very busy lives that are focused on our work at this point and so we find it more difficult to make time for things that will really benefit our health. Much of this talk surrounds exercise and food, but I have recognized for awhile that the birth control pill was one of the most unhealthy things I was doing to myself. And so, I decided to get off the pill to help my body start to return to a state of better balance…while also hoping to not become a crazy person!

Birth_Control_PillsAs a result I’ve started a bit of a journey that definitely holds a few fears for me. My hope in sharing the journey off the pill is that it might help give others an idea of the symptoms of coming off the pill, both good and bad! I have read for many years the negative side effects of being on the pill (like this one here) and after being on it for 15 years it is a relief to be free of it!

It’s been a few weeks now since I stopped taking the pill and a few things have arisen so far:

1. the obvious issue of preventing pregnancy is definitely something that I have to worry about more now. Previously I didn’t have to ever worry about this and so this might cause a little more stress.

2. A form of thick acne spots have started to pop up a bit. Although it isn’t a big issue so far, I’m curious about the fact that these have popped up at this point.

3. I have been having far more vivid dreams and nightmares!

My fears mostly lie around having a very unstable cycle, as well as very unstable hormones. I am hoping that the instability there doesn’t make me crazy!! It should be interesting anyways!


Wish me luck!!


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