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Acutonics in Nelson BCFind healing through sound and vibration with an Acutonics session. Similar to acupuncture, but without the needles, these sessions support the bodies natural harmony. This modality is rooted in Oriental Medicine.

The tuning forks and chimes are specifically tuned to the frequency of each planet’s orbit around the sun in our solar system. The frequencies within our solar system directly influence each living being on this planet and are the makeup of our bodies. We are a part of an intricate and vast matrix of vibrational interactions.

Come in for a relaxing session that will help unwind and disentangle any vibration that is keeping you in stuck, exhausted, in pain, sick, mentally, emotionally or physically stuck. The tuning forks are applied to the acupuncture points/meridians and vessels to access the chi/energy of the body. Bathe yourself in sound and see wonderful shifts that can happen in your perception, awareness and life.Acutonics in Nelson BC

Shealan Anderson is a Level IV practitioner who brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice! Read more about her here…

Treatments Available:

One Hour Acutonics Session – $70

*please note that payment for Shealan’s treatments can be made with cash or credit card ($2.75 card fee), no debit is available for her treatments. 

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