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Preparing for your Appointment

So you’ve booked your appointment, but you’d like to come prepared…this should help answer some of your questions!

If it is your first appointment it is a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to complete intake paperwork.

Select the type of appointment you have booked:
Deep Tissue, Relaxation Massage, or Rebalancing Bodywork
Restorative Hot Stone Massage

How to find us.


Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage
– there are no special requirements for these treatments. It is best to arrive before your appointment time to maximize your time on the table!

Restorative Hot Stone Massage
– this is an oily massage so please wear or bring clothing that will not be stained by oil (like silks or fine materials).
– increase your intake of water before and after your massage as hot stone massages can have intense detoxifying effects.
– give yourself 2 hours for your appointment so that you can ease back into the world after your treatment.
– be aware that if you are pregnant or could be pregnant we will not be able to give you this treatment.
– remove all jewelry from your wrists, hands, neck, and ears before your appointment.