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Carrie Clark, Massage Practitioner


Carrie is a certified Spa Therapist who graduated with honours from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage in 2015.  She provides unique and integrative massages that include techniques from many of the areas that she studied such as, deep tissue, shiatsu, swedish, reflexology, hot stone, joint release, indian head massage and aromatherapy. Her massage motto is “no two bodies are the same, no two massages should be either” and she strives to provide a personal experience for each person.
Carrie is passionate about equality and self care for all.  She has spent 14 years working in many roles with people with varied cognitive abilities and physical needs.  She believes that all people are worthy of love, touch and caring and works hard to be an instrumental part in helping people discover their worth. She is also a survivor of abuse and eating disorders and knows first hand how important it is to partake in experiences that help to continuously heal the body and mind.

“Tardy and with dirty feet, I arrived to a smile that said “welcome, you are herenow” and a sense that Carrie had nothing but time for me, unconditionally. Even though I wasn’t, she was on schedule and she let me know that the following hour was all mine. I can’t tell you exactly how wonderful the actual massage was as she had me solidly relaxed and asleep in no time. In fact, upon the cessation of my massage, Carrie apologized for neglecting to remind me to turn off my cell phone. On the table and oblivious to the world in Carrie‘s hands, I was completely unaware of it ringing until I checked outside her office. I left with a deep peace and my body, with all it’s imperfections, exalted. This was my first visit with Carrie, I plan to make time with her a part of my regular care, for body and mind.” ~D. S.



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