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Brittanya Beddington, Massage Practitioner


“I have been to a lot of massage practitioners, and Brittanya’s skillful hands, instinctive touch, gentle intuitive empathy, and easy going temperament make her my favorite. The fascia release work she has been doing on my areas of pain and tension brings me relief and comfort. As well, the stretches and self-care techniques she recommends are helpful and perceptive.” Natasha L., dance teacher, Kamloops BC

In 2006 Brittanya began her massage career working with horses! After completing an Equine Sport Therapy Certificate at the BC College of Equine Therapy, where she learned massage and other healing modalities for horses, she traveled extensively in Australia and the South Pacific. The time spent wandering and working down under opened her up to a way of being that she hadn’t known growing up in a small forestry town. Upon return to Canada, Brittanya resumed working on horses and found the same patterns that she had when working on horses in Australia and Canada previously: the same issues would recur over and over unless the rider had been worked on. When checking the rider, she often found the same issue in the rider as in the horse, indicating that the issue would pass back and forth between the two. She decided to pursue a human massage career to be better equipped to help more horses!

Brittanya completed a two year (2200 hr) Massage Therapy program in Calgary, AB where she learned deep tissue, therapeutic, and swedish relaxation78 skills; and then followed that with a Hot Stone Therapy Certification and is constantly taking continuing education courses. She is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and complies with their standards. After working from a yoga studio, Brittanya decided to take a yoga teacher training to better understand the injuries that yogi’s were suffering from, as well as how to recommend and apply poses to better help her clients.

In 2012 Brittanya took a 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Colleen Felgate that focused on Vinyasa yoga and included Yin and Restorative training. She loved the training and learned a great deal about poses and how to teach them to clients so that they can maximize the benefits of their treatments and find the balance they seek more readily. In that training she found a passion for teaching yoga as well, and decided to continue on with teaching yoga regularly.

“Hi Brittanya! That was the best massage I’ve ever had, no kidding – love the whole atmosphere!” – F.G. in Nelson BC

With a focus on alignment, Brittanya teaches her classes from a solid foundation of anatomy knowledge. She loves to teach upbeat classes with fun playlists, lots of movement, and hands on adjustments/assists. Her more gentle classes like the Neck, Back, Shoulder Release class on Fridays, offer her an opportunity to teach exercises and techniques that people can use to empower themselves to find healing. Other classes like Saturday Hatha and Prenatal Yoga work on finding the balance between strength and release. She tries to do all of this while keeping it light, delightfully fun, and full of smiles!

Brittanya loves helping people and their beloved partners deal with their injuries and chronic aches and pains in a non-invasive way. She is looking forward to helping you along your journey to optimal wellness.

Please note that some Extended Benefits plans cover massage with Brittanya, most notably the Chamber of Commerce plan. It’s always best to check with your plan administrator directly, but we are happy to provide you with any information that will be helpful.

“That was such a wonderful experience Brittanya. I can’t thank you enough.  As you probably noticed it was much needed and you are so very skilled!  There was never a moment when I felt like you missed anything or I needed more of something. It was perfectly balanced and oh so helpful.” – C.C. in Nelson, BC 


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