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You are on your way to our online booking portal! There’s just a few things we want to make sure you know first:

  1. To book an appointment for the same day or next morning you will have to give us a call. You can see what we have available and then call to book…make sure you leave us a message if you don’t catch us as we are often in treatments. Bear in mind that schedules can change at the last minute.
  2. We do not have any BC RMTs on staff.
  3. Our cancellation policy is 24 hours of notice to cancel. All appointments that cancel late or do not show up for appointments will be charged 50% of the appointment rate. Let’s just all respect each others time instead!
  4. Please arrive early to get the most out of your appointment time. For your first time come 10-15 minutes early and for subsequent appointments 5 minutes early is great!
  5. Enjoy!!!

This will open up our online booking portal!